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Warning! This is a rare limited quantity resale rights offer…

“Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands On A Treasure Chest Packed With High Demand,
Low Competition Niche Gems Just Waiting
To Make You Money!”

If you’re hungry to discover “under the radar”, high-profit
potential niche markets, you need to read this important letter…


From: Michael J. Holland
Date: Thursday, 9:07 AM, EST
Coral Springs, FL

Dear Internet Friend,

Are you struggling to come up with a great idea for a profitable business that you can start on the Internet?

Are ALL those hours of searching resulting in nothing but heartache and frustration? Is it starting to negatively effect your "home life" or "fun life"?

If so, you're about to breathe a gigantic sigh of relief!

You see, for months I analyzed Internet traffic and the type of information, goods, and services people seek and purchase online.

What I uncovered was nothing short of mind-blowing!

Sitting there like forgotten treasure-troves were 20 gleaming niches that are receiving loads of laser targeted traffic, but have low competition! They span nine categories including Home & Garden, Food & Cooking, Beauty & Fashion, Crafts, Recreation, and more!

I knew right away that these overlooked niches represented huge business opportunities that could quickly change your life and put you on a path to true Internet wealth.

But I wasn't satisfied with just putting together a summary list of one-liner suggestions.
That would have been like handing you one piece of a large jigsaw puzzle and asking you to tell me what it's a picture of. You've probably experienced enough of this kind of frustration.

Instead, I wanted to create something REALLY unique and special that would...

Eliminate Hundreds of Hours of "Painful" Research
and Brainstorming Work

After all, I had compiled a mountain of amazing, eye-opening information. All I needed to do was layout the most valuable nuggets in a simple, straightforward format.

That's how I got the idea to organize the niche information into detailed, easy-to-use blueprints that I reveal in Niche Treasures.

I've done all the unpleasant dirty work for you, which means that...

You no longer have to rack your brain trying to come up with a useable business concept, only to get frustrated because it feels like you're searching for a needle in a haystack

All those valuable hours you spend on brainstorming and researching for new ideas can now be directed toward your primary goal...which is to grow your business and start making some serious money.

You'll quickly find that Niche Treasures is in a league of its own. It's nothing like other information products you may have read that contain vague, pie-in-the-sky ideas that are totally useless.

These are REAL niches...that are receiving lots of REAL traffic... that can earn you REAL money!

The blueprints point you to great opportunities that could bring you consistent and continuous profits year after year.

How The Easy-to-Use Blueprints Hold the
Key to Multiple Income Stream

The blueprints contain all the information you need to squeeze the maximum profits out of your online business.

You get specific tips, tools, and strategies to help you address the wants and needs of your customers.

Here are just some of the ways you can use the blueprints to immediately trigger multiple waves of income flowing from your online business into your bank account every month:

Sell your own products
Create information/content-rich Web pages that drive laser targeted traffic to your goods and services.

Each blueprint has lots of user-friendly ideas for creating and selling your own's easier than you think.

Earn affiliate income
You don't even have to sell your own products. Most people search the Internet for information.

So, all you need to do is create information-rich Web pages that contain your affiliate links to recommended suppliers.

Profit from Google AdSense
It's the hottest new way to easily earn money from your information-rich Web pages. Niche Treasures gives you all the information you need to use Google AdSense to your best, most lucrative advantage.

Uncover related niche markets
The blueprints were designed to be flexible, living documents. You'll learn the secret to using them to find and exploit related, untapped niche markets. No one will ever know.

Grow existing Web sites
If you already have an online store that is related to one of the niches, you can create a separate content-driven site and weave in links to your shop. In fact, this is a highly effective way to PRE-sell your products.

You'll watch and marvel at how even a single visitor from your swarm of targeted traffic can ring your online cash register two or three times in one visit to your Web site.

Who Ever Dreamed That Starting a
Successful Online Business Could Be This Easy?

The comprehensive blueprints really do contain everything you need to build your Web business with ease and confidence. But let's be more specific about what each two- to three-page blueprint includes:

Ideas for Web site themes
I'll help you to jumpstart your own creative brainstorming engine by giving you some quick ideas for taking a niche and turning it into your own unique Web business.

15 profitable keywords
I give you the first 15 (of many) high demand, low competition keywords that are attracting lots of laser-targeted traffic for your niche within the Google search engine.

Use these keywords to create content Web pages. I'll reveal how you can turn each of them into powerful money magnets.

And what's more, I also lead you through the process of selecting other profitable keywords, so that you can keep your profits growing for years.

5 affiliate programs
One of the most effective ways to make money on the Internet is to form affiliate partnerships with other Web businesses who are selling products that will interest your customers.

They click from your site to make a purchase, and you earn a commission. It’s that simple!

But it can be quite time-consuming to nail down the affiliate programs that are right for your business. That's why I’ve included 5 potential affiliate programs in each blueprint, delivered on a gold platter for your approval.

Join the ones you like, and then use my simple time-saving techniques to identify more programs to keep that income flowing.

More ideas for making money
Affiliate programs are an excellent way to make money, but when you're ready to add more income streams to your business, use some of these unique ideas.

As you can see, the blueprints are the ultimate treasure maps for guiding you to Internet gold. All you have to do is order now and choose the one that's right for you.

“Provides You And Me With Everything We Will Need…”
“The neat thing about Niche Treasures is that Michael has done most of the “grunt work,” for us. He’s identified hungry markets of specific customers that want to spend money on their niche interest. Michael provides you and me with everything we will need to go into the Internet Niche Marketing business today. Niches, keywords, sales copy, website template, and multiple streams of moneymaking ideas for digging out the treasures in our own goldmine.

Please don’t take my remarks lightly as if I’m implying “cheap,” when I say, Michael has developed a “business in a box.” Niche Treasures can help you to get started making money with affordable cost, minimal effort, and pre-packaged planning. Michael can put you in the Internet business, with a highly sought-after niche, almost over-night with the potential and possibility for profits that are unlimited.

Thanks Michael, for finding the gold mines and allowing others and me to benefit from all of your hard work.”
Dennis J. Hester
Shelby, NC

What Else Does Niche Treasures
Have To Offer You?

In addition to selecting your perfect niche business, you’ll also...

Discover a frequently overlooked source that can pay you commissions that are at least 3 and 4 times higher than what's offered by most affiliate programs.

Learn a simple strategy for getting ALL of your information/content-rich Web pages to make money.

Implement unique ideas to diversify your business so that you'll have a consistent and continuous monthly income.

Learn the three tools that will help you find more profitable keywords that will deliver boat loads of targeted visitors with money to spend.

Uncover smart and easy ways to improve the search engine rankings for your Web pages and attract lots of targeted traffic to your site.
Unearth the simple, little-known technique for becoming a high income earning Super Affiliate. (I wish I had known this one when I started out 5 years ago.)

Discover an all-in-one site building, hosting, and marketing tool that can save you money and get your business online, FAST!. And you don't have to be a computer wizard or Internet expert.

Learn how to create your first information product quickly.

That's right...I reveal it all to you in NicheTreasures.

Why This Wealth Creating Resource Is So Unique

Let me share a bit more with you about the research I did for this amazing 118 page special report...

This way, you’ll know that by following the techniques and strategies in Niche Treasures you’ll quickly find yourself on the path to online success.

You see, I examined the traffic trends across all the major search engines and directories. However, it was critical that all selected niches have high demand and low competition within Google. Why?

Because Google is by far the largest search engine and it will likely be your primary source for loads of free targeted traffic.

This report is the end result of months of analyzing, questioning, evaluating, and re-evaluating my findings.

So you can understand why I got a rush of excitement when I realized that my research could help YOU start a high demand, low competition business that can bring you the success and happiness you’ve dreamed of and desired.

Imagine How Much Money You Can Make
When you Finally Get The Consistent
Targeted Traffic You Need...

There's no denying it. When your Web site gets lots of targeted traffic, your profits will soar.

Imagine building your Web business – based on one of the blueprints -- and raking in checks every month from your own products, affiliate programs, and other money-making strategies in the book.

What would your life be like?

Would you use the extra cash to treat your family? Buy a new car? Purchase your dream home? Take an exotic vacation? Expand your online business? It's a great feeling to know that you have options, isn't it?

Of course I can’t guarantee the number of visitors each niche will receive. After all, they cover many different markets.

Also, your Web site isn’t going to create itself. You'll have to create content-rich Web pages to attract lots of free targeted visitors.

But by using just one of the money-making strategies I recommend, each and every page you create can become a reliable cash cow that you can milk for years to come.

“Profit Centers Waiting To Happen!”
  “I just finished reading Niche Treasures, but I’m not going to be able to sleep until I brain dump and tell you what I think about it. Man, the way you set the thing up with the Overview, Root Keywords, Profitable Keywords for creating Web pages, and Potential affiliate programs – man that’s just pure genius and all 20 of the blueprints look like profit centers waiting to happen. And that Quick Start action plan you have on page 20 – man that’s a great guide that’s going to help everybody get moving toward success.

Also, your info on affiliate programs is right on the money. I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less info in some other people’s ebooks that were about that one subject. Thanks Michael, 2006 is going to be a lot more profitable because of you and Niche Treasures!
Mike Sigers
Owensboro, KY


“Not Only Have You Taught Us To Fish...”
“I just got done reading Niche Treasures and all I can say is it IS a real treasure!

So many people let Internet riches pass them by because they either can't come up with an idea or they don't have a good, connect-the-dots plan to follow.

As a Home Business Consultant for over 10 years, I find that many Internet books, seminars, and courses tend to confuse people more than help them. And confused people are like deer in the headlights....they are immobilized.

That's why I found Niche Treasures refreshing. First of all, you explain multiple ways I can use each niche blueprint to make money. Then you give me an easy 10 step checklist that makes it so simple to follow. Then you provide me with 20 killer niches and I get to follow along with your thought process and get these implemented. Lastly, you give me a ton of ideas on generating
traffic, search engines, and more.

This is genius, Michael! Not only have you taught us to fish, but you've given us 20 "fish" to get started!”
Debbi Bressler, Editor


Why am I so sure that Niche Treasures represents
an unmatched business opportunity?

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Michael Holland. I earn 100% of my income from the Internet. And, yes, I make great money from other online businesses that having to do with Internet marketing.

But, when I started out as an Internet entrepreneur, I was searching for real, tangible ideas that could make me some serious money online.

Unfortunately, all I found was an endless sea of Internet Marketers wanting me to buy their products.

Don't get me wrong, some of the Internet Marketing advice is quite helpful.

But what good is marketing advice if you have a business that offers products no one wants and it isn’t getting any targeted traffic?

And the fastest way to go broke online is by trying to create a market where one doesn't exist.

That's why Niche Treasures  is such an invaluable resource.

How to Get Started And
What It Will Cost You?

It's clear that the information in Niche Treasures will save you hundreds of hours of your precious time.

It will also save you thousands of dollars by leading you to the most profitable and effective ways to build your Web site and market your business.

But beyond the savings, NicheTreasures is your first step to building a business that can last you a lifetime.

So, it would only make sense for me to sell this unique resource for $297 or even more.

But I'm a small businessman, and I am really excited about making this information available to all people who have the motivation and desire to take action and start an Internet business TODAY.

So, to get your “2006 New Year” off to a roaring start, your total investment for this incredible resource is only $97 $47.

But WAIT! The deal gets even sweeter.

When you order this jammed packed 118 page special report, you also get the resale rights! So, in addition to taking advantage of the niches yourself, you can resell the report and keep 100% of the profits!

People are always looking for niche ideas, so the report will practically sell itself. If you were to sell just two copies of it for say $27, you would easily recover your initial investment and show a nice profit.

Now, there’s one question I can almost hear you asking. It probably goes something like this, “Michael, won’t all these niches fill up quickly once people read the report?”

Great question! But let me tell you this…

Over the last couple of years, I’ve told literally thousands of people about many of these niches. And you know what? The niches are about as wide open today as they were when I first uncovered them nearly three years ago!

I don’t know all the reasons why that’s the case. But it’s certainly no secret that a great many people buy helpful products and just let them sit in their virtual libraries, gathering cyber dust.

This is also why I’ve never hesitated to create Web sites around niche ideas that I’ve shared with others. Success takes discipline and committed action…the ideas are just a starting point.

Now, there’s one other very important thing you should know about this report…

Only 300 133 46 Copies With Resale

Rights Will Be Issued!

That’s right! Once 300 133 46 copies of this Niche Treasures volume have been sold, it will be gone forever! If you’re number 301 you’ll have to join our waiting list for a future volume. But I don’t know when the next one will be released.

It takes considerable time to find, evaluate, and gather data for the niches and I have other ongoing projects. At $97 $47, I suspect that many people will see this opportunity as a no-brainer and jump right on it. In addition, this is a special introductory offer to build momentum. The price probably will be increased significantly for the next volume, if there is one.

So, if you mull this over for too long, you may find yourself purchasing this report from someone else for the same price, except you won’t get resale rights.

Order Now and You'll Also Receive This
Business-Building Bonus!

Reseller Bonus  –  I want you to start making money right away. So, the report comes with a professionally designed “Niche Treasures” Web site template, sales letter, order page, and download page. If you wanted to, you could be selling the report in as little as 20 minutes from now!

“I’ve Seen His Successes…Trust Me, It Works!”
  “Michael has put together a very powerful and extremely profitable report, each of the 20 niches that he reveals within the pages of the report are specifically targeted and available to make you money.

I like the way that he details each niche, giving you keywords, affiliate programs and information you can use right away to exploit the niches and start cashing in on the money available in them.I know that Michael knows his stuff, I've seen his successes and his profits.

For the mere few dollars this report costs it delivers information that is worth 1000 times or more in value and return.I'm using some of the info in the report right now and trust me, it works! Get your hands on this report before it's not available anymore”
Anthony Blake

Opportunities Like This Don’t
Come Around Often!

As you can see, the Niche Treasures report contains valuable information that is eagerly sought by new and seasoned Internet marketers, and other opportunity seekers alike.

Blueprints for 20 high demand, low competition niche markets just waiting to generate multiple streams of income.
Resale/reprint rights to the report which means you get to sell an unlimited number of copies on your own and keep all of the profits!
Proven sales copy for the report that you can change so that it is tailored to your audience.
Professionally created Web site template with header graphic.
Professionally created order page.
Ready-to-go download page.

And on top of everything else, you're protected by our Iron Clad, No Questions Asked, 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If at any time within this period "Niche Treasures" fails to live up to your expectations - just let us know and we'll promptly issue you a full refund. No questions. No hassles. Just a sincere "Thank you" from us for giving "Niche Treasures" a shot.

So grab your copy now! You're losing money every minute you delay...

Click Here Now To Claim Your Special Limited Edition Copy

Order Safely and Securely.


Helping you ‘Strike It Niche!”


Michael J. Holland

P.S. Remember: This is a special limited edition offer and only 300 133 46 copies with resale rights will be sold. Once they are gone, that’s it forever.

P.P.S. To review the terms and conditions for getting regular resale rights to Niche Treasures, click here. You’ll also get the scoop on how you can obtain MASTER resale + customization rights to the report.

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